52 Reasons……..

So Friday night my mom was nice enough to take our little goose for the night so that the hubs and I could go on a date. We ended up going to dinner and seeing The Vow. We liked the movie but liked it even more when we found out it was inspired by true events. So of course being the book worm that I am I immediately jumped on my Kindle Fire to find the book. I found it, bought it, and finished it within the evening. Saturday evening that is. The movie was “inspired” by the book which means that the book was 98% different then the movie. Or is it the movie was 98% different than the book?  Either way it’s an incredible story that really makes you think about the love and commitment between a husband and wife.  So that wonderful story got me thinking about our recent Valentine’s Day.

We had agreed that since our anniversary is the next month why not just spend money to do something fun on our anniversary. After all these years of wedded bliss you’d think that I’d know him well enough to know that this wasn’t really any sort of agreement at all. Now in my defense I did plan on making him something cute that I saw on pinterest, but I’ll tell you about that in a bit.

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I woke up, walked out into the living room, and found a huge heart ballon, Tulips ( fave flowers), & a grocery bag wrapped gift. I was really shocked! But I thought maybe it was just a box of chocolates so no harm there. The hubs was excited and wanted me to open my gift right away. At this point I’m thinking this better be a box of chocolates cause I hadn’t even started on my homemade gift yet. Well, too my SHOCK & AWE it was not chocolate but a Kindle Fire!!! So I instantly  shrieked, “You said we weren’t doing gifts”! You’d think it would’ve been thank you but you’d be wrong. I was thinking my cute little homemade gift would certainly pale in comparison to what he just surprised me with. So of course I was feeling like the bad wife not realizing I should’ve bought him something to express my undying love to him. I’m sort of the practical one when it comes to things like this. When we agreed no gifts or spending any “real” money I was totally on board. No gifts meant no gifts. My hubs has never been this way and you’d think I would’ve figured it out by now but no so. So I was excited to play with my Kindle Fire  and thanked him for such an amazingly super awesome gift. I quickly purchased a book and began reading.  Meanwhile on the flip side I was in a panic as to what I was going to do for him!! My cute little homemade gift was something I saw and pinned on pinterest. It was gonna be a deck of cards and the 52 Reasons I loved him! Cute,right? Right. Until the Kindle Fire happened. Well, I’m gonna skip all the in between story and tell you that my Deck O’ Love never made it to fruition. So I had to scramble. I did indeed write down 52 reasons why I loved him & then bought him $50 gift Card to Old Navy.

Writing down 52 reasons why I love my husband was one of the best things I’ve done .  I know that life and life and life can get in the way of well…..husband and wife and why they love each other. I’m guilty of finding the reasons why he drives me crazy instead of remembering and finding ways that I love him. So without further ado here are my 52 reasons I love my wonderful husband: (Warning: Some parts may appear to be cheesier then they are)

1.  your cuteness  2.  the way you make me laugh  3.  your loyalty

4.  you’re an amazing father  5.  you make a killer grilled cheese

6.  the fact that you are a total germaphobe  

7.  your knowledge of random useless facts

8.  how positive you are  9.  your love of politics 10.  the way you relate to children

11.  your love of music except country  12.  that you’re a techie

13.  the way you’ve broadened my horizons with  movies, music, & t.v.

14.  your knowledge of comic book characters   15.  that you help around the house

16.  your jokes  17.  that you’re a social butterfly

18.  the way you can zone in on a project and work on it until it’s done

19.  your beautiful blue eyes  20.  that you’re a sticks man ( he’s a drummer)

21.  that Alton Brown/Good Eats inspires you to cook

22.  that you encourage me to follow my dreams

23.  That you work hard everyday so that I can stay home with our son 

24.  the amazing ability to see what you can see creatively

25.  your incredible talent at making up new words 

26. the obsessive way you have to have the sound system symmetrical  

27.  the ability you have at explaining things in terms that people can understand

28.  the way you get irritated when people talk during movies

29.  the way you nudge me when you want your back rubbed  

30.  love your choice in wrapping paper

 31.  that you were totally clueless that I was into you or that I needed a ride home  

32.  that you break out into song anywhere 

33.  that you go to girlie movies with me

34.  that you could literally LIVE ON PIZZA     35.  when you get mad  

36.  your love for wings  37.  you have such a tender loving heart  

38.  when you hug me  39.  your luscious lips  40.  when you play with our son

 41.  that you put up with me 42.  that God brought us together  

43.  good kisser 44.  your short term memory  45.  when you hold my hand

 46.  that you are always up for anything  47.  that you are a Man of God  

48.  that our son has an amazing loving strong man to look up to as he grows up

 49.  that you made me a mommy 

50.  when you put your hand on my back before we fall asleep 

51.  that you are the father to my son

52.  that you will always be there for us no matter what.

I love you with all my heart! You bring me joy and stress. You give me love and anxiety attacks, but I wouldn’t want to ride this roller coaster with anyone else but you.

I’m glad that I did this. In fact, I think that all married couples should do this for there spouse from time to time. Sometimes you need to look at why you fell in love with your spouse and what things you’ve fallen in love with since you’ve been married. I vow that I will add to this list throughout the years and always remember why I fell in love with him. And the next time he decides to put the recyclables on the dryer instead of taking the few extra steps to put them in the recycle bin I’ll pull out my list and remind myself of all the reasons I love my husband.