The Color Run

See the preggo lady in the picture

Saturday was Ah. Mazing!!! The hubs and I ran or rather jogged or perhaps walked our first 5k on Saturday. The Color Run is the happiest 5k in the world. That’s the hook, line, and sinker they give you when deciding if you want to do this fun 5k. Guess what……………. THEY’RE RIGHT!!! We had a blast. We went in pristine and came out covered in paint! There isn’t much more to say than if you haven’t done this you better sign up for the next one in your city! It’s so worth it!

Here are the pics from our fun run. Enjoy!

People in front of us

People behind us

Yellow & orange so far

We got covered!!!

After “party” where everyone throws paint around

We went home to show our little goose how messy we got. He loved it