Confession of an Imposter Domestic Goddess Part…..3?

I’m already losing track……Mommy brain! It’s real!!

Confession #4 I don’t find cooking as enjoyable as I did before kids.

I know I’m a terrible mother!!! Before babies and when I was first married I looked forward to cooking meals. Baking. Creating. Making up as I went along. Impressing my hubs with all my mad cooking skills in the kitchen and making him enjoy food that was fresh and not processed. Now that my baby girl is here and I have a full of life toddler cooking/baking seems much more like a chore.

Like right now. I’m making a grocery list. BORING!!!! Actually right now I’m blogging while I should be making grocery list. Figuring out meals for the rest of the week! Double Boring!!!! All the while trying to stick to a budget along with trying to stick with a Paleo menu so that my baby girl doesn’t stay up in the wee hours of the morning gassy!! I know. Poor me, right? Infinity Boring!!!

I miss the days where I would find something to cook. Make a trip to the grocery store. Get all the ingredients and then create or follow a recipe. Whichever. Now I go through my cookbooks a.k.a Pinterest and try my hardest to find something yummy, Paleo worthy, and something that can stick to my budget. Not fun!

Cooking/baking would relax me. I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen playing with food. I would often think about the next fun thing I could create in the kitchen. The irony is I constantly think about food and what I’ll be cooking next but not in the way I used to. Like I said feels like a chore these days.

Break out the violins!

Anyone out there feel the same way? I hope I’m not alone

Confessions of an Imposter Domestic Goddess- Part 2

Confession # 3 This cake isn’t entirely from scratch. Meaning I did make the frosting & filling from scratch. I confess I used a box cake. Gasp!! I enjoy baking and I love experimenting with different cake recipes, but this mama was short on time. Plus having a toddler & and 2 1/2 month old I think I rocked this out!!!

The good thing is I won’t be having a Miranda Moment with this cake. This is my hubs birthday cake and he is taking the rest with him to work. Thank the Lord!!!

This cake is freakin delish!!! So worth making!!!!

If you have zero will power against yummy cake like myself refer to my previous post!

Dish Soap. Nuff said!

Update: I’m off my Paleo diet as of…..well….as of this morning when I actually had the chance to taste this glorious cake!! I’ve since had 4 very small pieces of cake. I’m wondering if I can get my husband to leave for work early so that I won’t have to throw his birthday cake in the garbage and pour pour dish soap on it.

Eating another piece in 5…..4…………3……………2……….

Confessions of an Imposter Domestic Goddess

Confession #1 I’ve pulled a Miranda before. Or I’ve had a “Miranda Moment” a time or two. What is this you may ask????

This is an episode from Sex and the City where Miranda is having a love affair with chocolate cake. She just can’t seem to stop eating the cake. In order to gain control of her obsession she throws the cake in the garbage only to return and grab bits and pieces of the cake to consume. Knowing she’s on her way to crazy town for doing something so, shall we say crazy, she gets dish soap and dumps it all over the cake. Triumphant, she walks away knowing she has slayed the dragon.

I’ve done this. A couple of times. Chocolate is my weakness. My kryptonite!!!

Confession #2 After personally pouring dish soap on my kryptonite I have “snuck” back into the kitchen and tried to find just a little piece that hadn’t been touched the dish soap. Yes……I know…..I know……