Macaron Monday

I’ve had this unknown obsession with macarons for the last yearish. When I say unknown I mean, of course, to others around me. I am very aware of my obsession with these little decadent, delicious, beautiful, photogenic confections. However, I’ve never actually had one. I KNOW!!!!! How is it possible that after falling in love with these beautiful gems that I have not had one you may ask? The answer is: I have no idea! Really. I’m not actually sure why I haven’t had one. I love to try new recipes. I’m certainly known for my sweet tooth, but I can’t pin point the reason I haven’t had one much less made one. So today after reading Nestful of Love I was determined to make these little morsels of color. I was gonna go to the store, buy the ingredients, take pictures along the way, and eat them ALL! I was so excited because it would be my very first post about food and baking and eating. Three of my most favorite things.

Well, it didn’t happen. Here in the mommyhood my little goose has been sick for a little over a week. I had this grandiose idea that we would just run to the store real quick and began my baking adventure. However, in Mommyhood my goose rules the roost (at least while he’s sick) and since he’s sick a quick dash to the store hadn’t been cleared through him so my dreams were dashed. I jumped so ahead of myself that this title Macaron Monday was thought up in the wee hours of the morning. So instead of making this MY macaron Monday I decided I’d just post scrumptious pictures of these sweet treats.

Before I post these beautiful pictures I want to say that my obsession began on July 26, 2011 because of The Pioneer Woman. As most of my food obsessions begin with reading her blog about cooking.