This guy…..


So there’s this guy I know and he’s pretty stinking awesome. He does this really amazing thing on a fairly regular basis because like I said he’s kinda awesome. I will openly admit that I’m not as awesome as he is in this particular department. I have a tendency to not see the people he sees. I walk past them with their signs or ignore them in the parking lots of stores. I get tired of “these” people because you never know who to trust these days. So I just ignore them. I promise you I’m not heartless I’m just being transparent.

But this guy……THIS. GUY. Has on so many occasions told me that he fed a homeless guy today. Or he bought a couple of them waters today. Or running to the store for me to pick up a few items he grabbed some extra things that the homeless guy sitting outside the store might need.  “THIS GUY”. Well, he’s my husband. Probably the most tender-hearted, trusting, and trust-worthy guy has on so many occasions thought about the homeless guy or gal in our town, and felt called to help.

So last week “THIS GUY” went to put gas in my truck so I wouldn’t have to. Sweet, right? Anyway, when he walked in the house after being so chivalrous I realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt.  I distinctly remember him leaving with a shirt on. I don’t’ think I could forget something as key as a shirt. But like I said he walked in the house without a shirt. None to be seen. I looked at him with the familiar questioning look, and he said, “You’re going to laugh at me”. I was sure he was right, but still couldn’t connect the dots as to what his shirt had to do with the laughter that would ensue. And then these words came out of his mouth, and I knew exactly what he did with his shirt. He said, ” This homeless guy…… He didn’t have to explain any further because I knew then that my husband had literally given the shirt off his back to someone who needed it more than he did. I didn’t laugh. I just smiled. Because I’m now used to the man that I married often seeing what I do not see. He sees someone in need. He even sees someone who has placed themselves in this position by choice or by uncontrollable circumstances and he doesn’t judge or wonder. He just DOES. He just answers the call that I feel God lays on his heart when he sees a homeless person, and he gives. He realizes that although we may not have a ton of money or a ton of anything we are far richer than so many in this world today. Far richer than even those in our own city. He’s just that kind of guy. So I wanted to acknowledge this guy because I often do not, and I thought this was pretty notable to mention.

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