Some days I don’t even feel human-like. Sort of a vague resemblance of what a human is supposed to look like. A zombie. A MOMBIE!! Oh yes! A MOMBIE!!!!

Today wasn’t horrible, but I was certainly going through the motions. A call from Mega Camp telling me my son was having an allergic reaction started the day snowballing in the wrong direction, and by the time my husband got home from work at 7:30 pm all I could do was grunt answers at him. In fact, I should be finishing up the kitchen, but I’m blogging cause…….duh!

My realization that I’m a Mombie came about when I had to google what to write for a sample article. A lifestyle blog that I follow on IG is hiring for a social media position, and I definitely if not desperately need a job that I can do from home. While I was researching what to write I found a bazillion blogs on what to write for a blog. I guess it’s like reading a book on how to write books. Same thing, yes? I came across this blog that had “31 Post Ideas – Lifestyle Edition”.  As I read through this great list I realized I still couldn’t forge a sample article out of any these ideas. Why you may ask? Because I’m a Mombie. My life revolves around my littles 24/7. I can’t even turn my brain off from mommy duty if I wanted to. It is hard-wired now. I can wipe a boogie off my toddlers finger before she can even say “boogie mommy” while driving 70 down the freeway without even turning to look at her. My days revolve around what my kids want to eat, and who’s the next to poop. It’s a toss up from my 2 year old saying, “Poo poo mama” or my 5 year old screaming, “WIPE MY BUTT, MOM!!! I POOPED”!!!!!  However, if it’s a really good day we all get fully dressed, and go somewhere like the grocery store or maybe the park. Currently, we’re all waking up, and driving 20 minutes to take my 5 year old to Mega Camp. This my friends feels like FREEDOM!!! Picture a shirtless Mel Gibson (when he was still hot) riding a noble steed screaming “FREEDOM”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mhmmmm…..I miss those days!

Sorry back to the original thought. If I had to blog about anything on this list it wouldn’t amount to much.

Here are just a few answers to some of those topics:

  • 10 Photos of your day in your cityI cannot remember the last time I went into the City. Oh wait…..I picked my cousin up from work at this hip restaurant that turns into a nightclub.
  • 5 books that have influenced you1)There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly 2) This Little Chick 3) Should I Share My Ice Cream? 4) Ninja Ninja Never Stop 5) Snuggle Bunny
  • Your favorite self-care products Soap
  • How you overcame a trialI told my husband I was done for the day, and then took a shower. Whew!
  • Your Tips for spring / summer organization – Purge it allllllll!!!!!
  • Your goals, with a follow-up (that’s TWO)I’m getting certified to become a Postpartum Doula. In progress……….
  • Your creative processI shower
  • Your favorite health product – Water
  • 3 books you didn’t like and why – I barely have time to read books I like much less spare time on a book I hate.
  • Your most recent shopping haul: Wait for it………………GROCERIES!
  • 10 movies that have influenced you:I don’t have time for that many movies these days so let’s go way back. “The Passion of the Christ” and “Trade”
  • Quotes that you love: “Your my best mom EVER”! Ya I love that quote
  • How to break off a bad friendship:  Unfriend them on Facebook
  • A current trend you’re loving: Sleeping longer than 5 hours
  • Advice you would give to your younger self: Don’t consume your thoughts with how “fat” you are.
  • How to make your home homey:  Keep it messy
  • 10 ways to be more productive: Uhhh….???

So my task to complete a sample article for this Lifestyle Blog isn’t flowing. I can’t think of anything smart, sassy, and chic to say about anything. My world is consumed with kids, kids t.v. shows, feeding kids, teachings kids, kisses from  my kids, disciplining kids, laughing with kids, playing with kids, oh and cleaning. That too! I do that ALL. THE. TIME.

I bow down to you mommy’s who can rock the latest fashions. Those that have a beautiful up-to-date designed home. The ones that are super crafty. The ones that are the next Master Chef. Especially those that run an at-home business while raising your littles. I want to be you when I grow up. Teach me your ways. No really….e-mail me or call me or facebook me or something. HELP!

Today I embrace the Mombie in me. I need to go finish the dishes. Enjoy this little video though before you go.

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