Reading Hosea-By His help


When I open my Bible to read Hosea there are days where I pray God touches my heart. That he speaks life into me through his Word. In fact, that was yesterday when I read chapter 11. I even blogged about it. Today I opened my Bible in an attempt to just read it. Get through it, and be obedient to the task I’ve given myself. Tonight I read chapter 12. Again there was nothing that really struck me, but when I get on here to write it out it begins to reveal itself to me. I begin to see it as I didn’t see it before. This is my Bible Study. This is how I hash it out.

“So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice and wait continually for your God” Hosea 12:6

Love and Justice.

I love reading what She Reads Truth has to say about the assigned reading for that day. It helps focus me. Helps me see what God is trying to say. This is the verse that is focused on. It breaks it down, but I really focused in on the love and justice part.

This is what She Reads Truth had to say:
“Hold fast to love and justice. We should walk as image-bearers in all things, trying to be like our Father. If He lives in holy justice and love, so should we. We can praise Him for both the ways He is just and fair beyond fair, while walking in the great love He poured out by sending His son to pay the just penalty we owed.”

We should be image-bearers! We should be Christ-like. Half the time I’m thinking well the only one who could do that is Christ Himself. I fail miserably day after day after day. I mean really I do. There is a constant thought process going on in my head. Ok so we’re supposed to be like Christ. We are supposed to love. Christ IS love. So daily I strive to be loving. Whew! I kinda suck at it I think. Like I really suck at it some days. Maybe I’m confusing patience with love. But it’s a part of it. Like today I woke up with great intentions. Today was going to be a GREAT day! I have been battling a cold straight from H. E. Double hockey sticks & it has brought me down. I feel miserable, but as a stay-at-home-mommy there is no such thing as sick time so I had to do what I do. Slowly as the day progressed I began to slowly lose my grip on love and patience and slip into crabby, tired, sick, frustrated mommy. Each time that happened I seriously was thinking “WWJD”!??!? Corny, right? But true. I mean how would Jesus handle this day? With Love? That’s what I hear. That’s what I’m told. Then I’m like ok I can do this I can handle this. I. GOT. This. Then my 16 month old has a meltdown because I didn’t give her a “Ba” (banana) & I’m thinking, ‘You know what He was Jesus for a reason. I’m Audra. I don’t roll like that”

We are supposed to be Christ-like. We are supposed to maintain LOVE and JUSTICE. Sometimes I don’t know how to balance that. After reading She Reads Truth I thought I would see what the study portion of my Bible had to say about the verse:

“The two principles that Hosea call his nation to live by, love and justice, are at the very foundation of God’s character. They are essential to His followers, but they are not easy to keep in balance. Some people are loving to the point that they excuse wrongdoing. Others are just to the extent that they forget love. Love without justice, because it is not at aiming at a higher standard, leaves people in their sins. Justice without love, because it has no heart, drives people away from God. To specialize in one at the expense of the other is to distort our witness. Today’s church, just like Hosea’s nation, must live by both principles.”

I would say that I lean towards more Justice. I wouldn’t say without love, but Justice tips the scales for me. I’m more you made the choice now deal with the consequences kind of person. I know that I’m this way, but it really hit home when I was eating lunch with a co-worker a few years back. He said, “Audra, you’re a brass tacks kind of girl”. I wasn’t even sure what to think when he said it. He said that I just say how it is and that’s it. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I’m still trying to figure it out. However, that day I started to realize a little more that perhaps I could love more than be “just”. The hard part is knowing when to be or do both.

Even in the small things. It’s learning to be loving when disciplining my son. Which is hard sometimes. For me and for him. It’s dealing with justice, but loving him through it. I struggle more with adults or teenagers when it comes to love. I wield my justice sword a lot rather than throwing a little love in there. It’s a balance. A dance. I need to learn the steps.

The best part is the beginning of the verse:
“So you, by the HELP of your God………….

With he help from God. It means I lean on Him daily. I need to lean on Him daily. That He is always there and I can learn the balance, the dance, with Help from Him.


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