When mom is sick

So there aren’t many perks when your husband is unemployed, but when I’m sick having him home is helpful. He takes care of the kids, cooks breakfast, fixes lunch, cooks dinner or gets take out, changes diapers, does dishes, & let’s me nap.
So wouldn’t ya know it. He got a call for a few days of work. I went to bed super early last night, and by super early I mean 10 pm. And when I say I went to bed I mean I physically got into bed, but grabbed my Kindle and started reading. Anyway, From 12:45 am up until 6 am my little munchkin woke up 5 times. The universe was against me from the start. Which means I was grumpy this morning, but trying to desperately embrace the moment and not let my sour mood dictate my day.
Being sick is miserable. Being sick with littles is miserable x infinity. 😷
I still have to cater to everyone while trying to not overdo it. So far Eisley has managed to spill juice on my freshly mopped floor. Ok so I mopped yesterday cause I couldn’t stand it even though my hubs was trying to grab the mop out of my hands. She’s also managed to spill hot chocolate in the EXACT spot she spilled the juice & then proceeded to dump her Cheerios underneath the table so the dog would eat them.


Plus it’s been a poop fest over here. The one that never poops let the floodgates open & the one that always poops continued to poop. Sorry no pictures of that.
Plus, the house has gone awry. It’s a hot mess.


No pretty filters for these pics. That’s all you get to see. There’s a limit to the shame I’m comfortable with showing. Use your imagination. Plus, no Awana’s for us tonight. ğŸ˜ž we don’t want to spread the love & my mommy is bringing us dinner.
Please Lord let this sickness pass quickly. It’s sucks!
And just for fun a photo dump:





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