Reading Hosea – He is true King and Creator

It’s been a few days since I read Hosea. Right now my baby is sleeping, my hubby is working, & my son is with grandma.
I keep telling myself I have to read. I have to catch up. I’m going to catch up today. Three days worth of reading will be done today. An hour into my babies nap I figure I don’t have much quiet time left so I turn of the t.v. and set down my current crochet project. I walk into the office/laundry room/spare room & sit the computer to jump on She Reads Truth. I grab my journal & my Bible. I write down the verses that need to be read for one of the days I missed. I read & then I get back onto the site to read the study portion. I guess that’s what you call it.
Hosea 8 is about God’s anger with the Israelites. How they’ve turned other things into their gods. How they would cry out to him, and how they disregarded Him until they were up against it.

“They sow the wind
and reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no head;
it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
foreigners would swallow it up.”
Hosea 8:7

It’s funny how I thought I was just going to read what I missed and sort of carry on with my day. But then I of course read what She Reads Truth had to say. What the focus was. And nothing is ever a coincidence. That exact verse is what the focus was about, and as always it shined a lot on exactly what I do. What everyone does.

Why did I miss 3 days of reading Hosea? I was tired. I was busy with my kids, with my family, with helping a mama out, with getting through my post partum doula manual, with crocheting, with checking facebook for the hundredth time, with the laundry list of things in my head. Not once did I think I had enough time to open the Bible & take the 10 minutes it takes just to get the Word into my heart.

The Israelites made idols out of inanimate objects. When I read about their Golden calf I think they are complete & total idiots. Actually I’m kind of getting off track here. Sort of.

As a mom I feel that I must constantly be on the go. Constantly be doing something. I’m caring for my children, my family 24/7. No days off. No sick time. No vacation time. No alone bathroom time. It’s literally a family affair when I have to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, everyone needs me right when I have to pee. Even the dog. No joke. I have no time. Then I get in this vicious cycle of what else am I supposed to be doing with myself? Am I supposed to be a SAHM forever? Do I want to be? Do I love it? Should I be a Work-At-home-mom? Should have this cute trendy business where I look super stylish & trendy with the cutest kids on the block? Do I learn to sew so that I can make the cutest trendiest accessories for babies the world ’round? Do I blog so that I can suddenly be discovered and be like the Pioneer Woman or The Busy Budgeting Mama or The Wellness Mama, or Nesting Place?? I wish I could be these woman. Do I study this Post Partum Doula Manual and start my own business helping mama’s through the 4th trimester? What do I do? There is a constant need in me or maybe I feel it because social media has created it. I don’t know. There is this need to do more or be more or focus 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Esty, & the billion other social media sites out there. I mean EVERYONE has some kind of following somewhere & the more people you follow the more you’ll be popular. You’ll get out there in the sphere of knowing everyone, but knowing no one.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I get irate with my husband because he’s on his phone constantly. I mean constantly. I get so so so so so mad! But you know what…………I’m mad at myself because I’m just as guilty if not MORE of doing what I accuse him of. I do it obsessively. It’s kind of ridiculous. There has to be a support group out there for people who spend more time on social media then with REAL people. Don’t get me wrong. I know great connections are made through the interwebs. It’s just that all that connecting with people out there makes you disconnect from the people around you & with what should be the focus.

All of that said to bring it back to Hosea. They worshipped idols of their own making.
“They set up kings without my consent, they choose princes without my approval. With their silver and gold, they make idols for themselves to their own destruction” Hosea 8:4

This is what I DO!! I do!! Me! Right here! The mom in her yoga pants who is on facebook too much, the mom who wishes she was like those other cool trendy fashionista moms, the mom who hasn’t started that at-home business that everyone thinks she would be great at. The mom who feels so overwhelmed that she does everything else rather than pick up the Bible and connect with her Creator. The Creator that knows what she is capable of. The Creator that doesn’t expect her to be all & do all. The Creator who has a plan for her, and it might not be all the things she thinks, but that it might just be to be that awesome mom who spends time with her family, that focuses her time on Him, & shows her kids that Christ is REAL! That Christ is the way, the truth, the life!

So then that verse rings in my head again:

When will I spend more time on what will nourish my soul?

When will we stop sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind?
When will we stop tending the stalks that grow no grain?
When will we stop being swallowed up by our idolatry?

I can easily put an “I” where the “we” is. When will I???


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