Road trip, wedding week, & fun with family Part 1

We packed up our stuff and headed out on our 1st road trip in over a year. We were Idaho bound and it was going to be interesting traveling with a 4 yr old & 15 month old. Ordinarily I would’ve scoured Pinterest for travel activities in order for my kids to have educational options rather than slap a movie in the DVD and hit play. This road trip I threw some books in a bag, toys in a travel toy box, and some DVD’s for them to watch. Those items helped us get to our halfway point where we stayed in a hotel. Apparently, hotels are the coolest thing since Disneyland to 4 year olds and 15 month olds. My kiddies were so wound up we didn’t get to sleep until 10ish pm.


The next morning we quickly realized we were no longer in CA. Although I’m happy to be in cooler weather and away from the ridiculous hot temps CA is experiencing right now.

The next day we finished our trek to Idaho with some stops along the way & some beautiful scenery.



Once we arrived we quickly headed to Uncle Tony’s house to see him. Cash loves his Uncle Tony. Talks about him All. The. Time. As soon as he saw him though he got shy. After our visit with Uncle Tony we went and saw another one of Cassius’ fave people. GABE!! 🎶Reunited and it feels so good🎶. You know you’re singing it.

Tonight was the Wedding rehearsal so the boys got to break in their cowboy boots. What better way to break in your boots then dirt and rocks.

While they rehearsed many pictures were taken.





Tomorrow the wedding……..


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