Mom’s Night Out

My friend From Faye threw down a challenge. She challenged me to start blogging again. She challenged me to write about the 5 best toddler activities that I’ve actually done with my toddler. I’m here to say ……… this is not that blog post. I tried to get the juices flowing, but it disappeared quicker than Lois Lerner’s e-mails.

So as I wipe away these virtual cobwebs I thought I’ll accept her challenge to start blogging again. At least this one time.

Towards the end of the day I started planning my escape. My husband comes home from work, dinner, dishes, getting the kids off to bed, and that’s when I’m too tired to actually escape, But TODAY was a different day! I did everything except put the kids to bed and then I headed out the door. I’ve been wanting to ride the carousel at the Nut Tree all week. Every morning this week I’ve been determined to pack up the kids and head the 35ish minutes to ride that blasted carousel. And as usual I talk myself out of it by going through my long laundry list in my head which prevents me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I guess that’s why my husband says I’m not the fun one. TODAY though TODAY I was going to throw caution to the wind and head out all by myself to ride that carousel. I had visions of fun, laughter, iPhone photography, creativity, watching the sunset, and then heading over to my friends house for a quick catch-up, head home, walk into my house relaxed and rested, and then head to bed.

Here’s what really happened…………………..

As I was headed toward my destination I realized I had no idea when the carousel stopped running. It was 7:30pm and I didn’t have a clue as to whether or not it was already closed or if they had summer hours. So I texted my friend and prayed that she’d answer immediately. No dice. So I keep driving and thinking and driving and thinking and thinking and thinking. Which happens to be a dangerous thing when I want to be spontaneous. My thinking won out so I thought I’d pull into a parking lot somewhere and just check to see what time they closed. After a few minutes of searching on my handy iPhone I discovered that the carousel stops running at 5:30 pm. Boom! Spontaneity gone!

I sat in that parking lot wondering what to do next. My inner struggle went something like this:
I can just go home and help Brandon put the kids to be. No! I’m going to do something fun! I’m ALWAYS doing what I’m supposed to. This is my night and I’m going to do something. What IS there to do? I could go to a cool hipster coffee shop and contemplate my future. Or read. Or Blog. Ah no! I don’t want coffee I want to sleep tonight. Hmm…maybe I’ll go get a tattoo. ( This is where I try to Google search the tattoo parlor one of my friends frequents) I wonder how much it would cost? Probably too expensive. We still have bills to pay and the birthday party is Saturday and I still haven’t bought all the food for it yet. I have to pick up the tables & chairs for the party and I still have to get gas. I wonder what kind of tattoo I should get? Maybe just a small tattoo. That won’t cost much, right? What’s the cost of tattoos these days? Ugh! Nevermind I’m not going to get a tattoo. I could just crawl in my backseat and take a little nap. That’s if it wasn’t full of car seats and snack crumbs, clothes, baby carriers, garbage. What happened to my truck!!?!??! I REALLY need to clean my truck out this weekend. My poor truck! So disgusting! I’ve been trying to clean this thing out since 2010. This truck used to be my baby. So did my dog. Before kids. Oh we need dog food.
And then it happened……… a beacon in the night Target heard my cry. I looked in my rearview mirror in that moment and realized I had parked in a Target parking lot y’all!!! That’s my southern alter ego coming out. She comes out only on occasions like these.
I had no idea I pulled into a parking lot that would lead me to the Stay-at-home Moms mini getaway spot. I parked so far in the back and didn’t even realize it. So I grabbed my purse and gave into that beautiful sign. I grabbed a shopping cart and wandered that store far longer than I should have. I didn’t want to be there anymore, but I didn’t want to go home either. I walked every inch of that store and then I finally bought my things and headed home. I’d like to say that when I got home I was refreshed, but I was more tired than when I left. I felt like I squandered my spontaneity time with a flippin trip to Target. Getting things I NEEDED and nothing I wanted.

Oh wait! I did watch the sunset though. I watched it set right behind that big ol’ Target.

Any other moms out there have a night of spontaneity that didn’t go as planned?