Confessions of an Imposter Domestic Goddess- Part 2

Confession # 3 This cake isn’t entirely from scratch. Meaning I did make the frosting & filling from scratch. I confess I used a box cake. Gasp!! I enjoy baking and I love experimenting with different cake recipes, but this mama was short on time. Plus having a toddler & and 2 1/2 month old I think I rocked this out!!!

The good thing is I won’t be having a Miranda Moment with this cake. This is my hubs birthday cake and he is taking the rest with him to work. Thank the Lord!!!

This cake is freakin delish!!! So worth making!!!!

If you have zero will power against yummy cake like myself refer to my previous post!

Dish Soap. Nuff said!

Update: I’m off my Paleo diet as of…..well….as of this morning when I actually had the chance to taste this glorious cake!! I’ve since had 4 very small pieces of cake. I’m wondering if I can get my husband to leave for work early so that I won’t have to throw his birthday cake in the garbage and pour pour dish soap on it.

Eating another piece in 5…..4…………3……………2……….


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