Confessions of an Imposter Domestic Goddess

Confession #1 I’ve pulled a Miranda before. Or I’ve had a “Miranda Moment” a time or two. What is this you may ask????

This is an episode from Sex and the City where Miranda is having a love affair with chocolate cake. She just can’t seem to stop eating the cake. In order to gain control of her obsession she throws the cake in the garbage only to return and grab bits and pieces of the cake to consume. Knowing she’s on her way to crazy town for doing something so, shall we say crazy, she gets dish soap and dumps it all over the cake. Triumphant, she walks away knowing she has slayed the dragon.

I’ve done this. A couple of times. Chocolate is my weakness. My kryptonite!!!

Confession #2 After personally pouring dish soap on my kryptonite I have “snuck” back into the kitchen and tried to find just a little piece that hadn’t been touched the dish soap. Yes……I know…..I know……


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