Babywise: Controversial or no big deal?

Whew!!!!!!!!!! It’s been ages since I posted anything on my blog. Sorry to say I just haven’t been feelin’ the blog world since my last post. However, I couldn’t bring myself to delete it so I thought I’ll post when the mood arises. And you guessed it….the mood has arisen.  Hmmm….is that grammatically correct?

So anywho, I was just reading a blog and she had mentioned that she uses Babywise with her twin daughters. Now, I have never read the book. I’ve basically gotten the run down from other blog posts and friends who use it. I know that some people are STRONGLY opposed to it while others are STRONGLY for it.  I did consider reading the book before I had my son, but I never got around to it.

I would say that before having a baby I was very much the type of person that was determined to have my baby not run my life. As I got closer to having my first baby I was beginning to realize that it might not be so cut and dry. Once I have my adorable son I was hit hard with the reality that was a newborn. Along with having our  son we discovered he had acid reflux, and locking him down tight with a feeding schedule. sleep schedule, and play schedule wasn’t going to happen. I was very stressed!!! Extremely stressed!!!  I think I was still trying to control what I couldn’t when it came to the acid reflux and getting him down for naps. Wasn’t happening. Even though there were/are skeptics out there that thought I was letting the acid reflux “control” me. Something I learned quickly with a reflux baby was that I couldn’t force a schedule on him. So it became more about seeing what he was doing and trying to make a schedule from that.

Now that I am pregnant with my second baby I realize that I’m going to go with the flow. I’m going to take my cues from this little bundle of joy and see how it goes. Now that doesn’t mean I’m all about attachment parenting, but neither am I for Babywise parenting either. Somewhere in the middle perhaps.

Again I have never read the book so I am curious what others think about.  Anyone out there a firm believer of the Babywise Method? Anyone strongly opposed to Babywise? Is there anyone who has used it, loved it, and then decided after so many babies that it was no longer for them?  I would love to hear from you out there. Feel free to sound off.