Macaroon Mash-up

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So last week I finally decided that NOW was the time to make the delicious macaroons I wrote about before. I also thought that this would be a fun activity for me and my little goose. Hind-sight is 20/20. I’d say if this is your first time making Macaro(o)ns I wouldn’t advise having a toddler help out. Ok scratch that. What I meant to say is if you plan on having the yummy treats turn out as close to the recipe/pictures as possible I wouldn’t suggest doing that with a toddler. Ok scratch that part. There is no way I could make those things perfect on my own much less with a toddler by my side.  But my little goose loves to help mommy in the kitchen and I love it when he does so I didn’t even think about it.

I had intentions of starting a foodie section. Where I attempt to make recipes that would be scrumptious to all. I even took pictures so that I could do a little step-by-step, but as mentioned above things didn’t necessarily turn out as planned. However, there is proof:

This is proof that my macaroons were definitely not like the pictures I was following. Anywho, I’m just gonna say that my sweet adorable son has mad skillz in the kitchen. He LOVES to help me as much as possible. For example, he always wants to make eggs for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean he wants to eat them. He just prefers helping me cook them.

Ok back to the macaroons.  Things were going smoothly.  I was letting him pour and mix the ingredients. We were having a good time.

Then we got to this part of the recipe:

 Ordinarily I would dive in and taste the batter or is it dough? Anyway, I didn’t want him doing it so I didn’t do it. The thing is I often make cookies and he sees me eating the cookie dough so he dove right in and started sampling it. This is where the meltdown began and this is where the macaroons had to “rest” before I could get back to making them.

We had a little time out before we could regain our composure and return to our macaroon making session. Might I also add that this is the very first time ever in my entire life that I’ve ever used a pastry bag. The first time I’ve piped anything ever and sadly it shows.  I realized after the macaroon meltdown that my new task at hand was just to finish making them and hope for the best.

Happy Again

Again I want to say that this cute little guy has mad skillz in the kitchen. We had to make the whipped cream for the filling and he was a pro. I was supervising closley of course. What you won’t see in these pictures is my odd contorted self trying to get good shots of him whipping the cream while making sure nothing goes awry.

Mad Skillz

I will say that during this fun experiment. I think that’s a great word to describe what was going on that day. It wasn’t sunshine and lollipops. I’m pretty sure I broke a sweat trying to make these things while having him help me along with getting frustrated with him not listening and let’s not forget our meltdown.

Picture perfect these were not <insert Yoda voice here >. BUT  OH MY GOSH!!! HELLO!!! They were delicious!!

The best part of all was seeing my little goose enjoy them.

Toddler approved


2 thoughts on “Macaroon Mash-up

  1. Jen Antoniou says:

    Way cute… such a fun read. As soon as I feel up to it, I am going to try some. I have wanted to for some time, especially since Audrey is Gluten Free. Awesome job taking those shots while slyly keeping an eye on him. I see where he gets his mad skillz from! 😉

  2. Karie says:

    So cute! I love the pics, Audra! Beautiful! I give you tons of credit for attempting this for the first time with the wee one! 🙂 What fun memories!

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