……and then someone said Punky…..

This is a glimpse into my spaghetti brain……enjoy.

Last night my mom took my little goose for the night and my hubby and I had One. Crazy. Date. Night!!  That’s right……we went and rented a carpet cleaner and had pizza for dinner.  I know!!! Fun, right?  This is what happens when you can’t stand the cheap carpet your landlords put in your humble abode and you evict those stains. I was trying to be witty/funny and it doesn’t look like it worked.

While the hubs went to get dinner I took a break from the cleaning and decided I would blog surf.  I wanted to start seeing and reading and following some people out there.  So last night I happened upon Gentri Lee and kinda just loved her. So I read and read and read her posts, and then I came across her Blogger of the Week: Punky and the City. Which by the way I enjoyed reading about her adventures of moving to the Big Apple with nothing but her dreams.

Do you see where this is going? Punky and the City made me think of………..wait for it……. Punky Brewster!!  I’m wondering if Punky and the City even knows who Punky Brewster is?  I think I’m gonna ask her.

When I was a little girl I loved Punky Brewster. I remember watching the show and seeing her golden retreiver, her best bud, and Henry. I remember her always saying,  “Awww Henry”.  I also thought she dressed super RAD! I just said rad.  So when I was 6ish  I received a Punky Brewster doll for Christmas and I was so EXCITED!!! I remember sleeping with all my new stuffed animals and Punky right along side of me.  I didn’t want her hair to get messed up so I didn’t remove the plastic thingie from her hair for a very long time.  So here’s my proud moment with my Punky doll!! Isn’t she rad?!?!?

Punky & I


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