Let’s give them something to blog about.

Training for my 5k

Ok so I kinda stole this title from a Bonnie Raitt song. Not that she wrote a song about blogging although that would be so encouraging to all those bloggers out there.

So I started this little blog with much encouragement from my hubs and my friend Rachael a.k.a. Frugal Faye.  My amazing husband wanted me to start a blog for quite some time and I even tried the blog world while I was pregnant. It didn’t take. I just couldn’t get myself motivated to do it. After continued nudging from these great people I decided what the heck. I was inspired to write my first post when I have a little kitchen sink snafu.  After I wrote that one post I thought this is cake! I can do this!! I love to write!! It’s been my outlet since I first learned how to spell my first word. By the way, I LOVED spelling tests! I would practice all the time. I even like looking through dictionary’s to discover new words. So I’m kind of a nerd.

But then a little problem presented itself. After the first couple of posts I was in some kind of blog purgatory. Wanting desperately to write, but not knowing what to write about. Miss Frugal Faye suggested a cooking blog cause I in fact enjoy cooking. Although I’m on hiatus from cooking for the last month or so. Then she also suggested writing about my daily/weekly/monthly happenings as a SAHM. All the funny things that happen to me and my sweet little goose.  Then my husband suggested that I write about my journey about starting my own cookie business. Then I thought about my journey about wanting to become a doula, etc, etc, etc………

I’m currently stuck.  There are blogs about EVERY. THING.  People have practically built empires out of their little blogs. Ok, maybe not empires but pretty close. I’ve subscribed to some of these amazing blogs and wonder where these people get their motivation. I mean some of these people write and write and write!! It’s fantastic! It’s amazing! I’m just not sure that I’m in that caliber.  We’ll see.

As with most things that I do I sort of day dream about how it would be AWESOME if I could make a career out of this or that while still being a stay at home mommy. This would certainly be awesome if I could somehow rock at it and it just magically turns into something of The Pioneer Woman proportions. I guess time will tell. Suggestions would be appreciated on what I could zone in on when it comes to this little ol’ blog of mine.  I guess I’ll see where this all goes.

With all that being said I just recently read a blog about blogging. I know! Love this stuff! It says in order to draw in readers show lots and lots of pictures. So without further ado here are some of my Instagram pictures.

My little goose

Oh those Flamingos

Some 4th of July fun


One thought on “Let’s give them something to blog about.

  1. Rachael @ Fugal Faye says:

    You can rock at blogging and it’s not magic! 🙂 I am right there with you… reading blogs about blogging. Give me ideas for Tip Tuesday. Pioneer Woman here we come!

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