Five Minute Fridays……………Dance

Five Minute Friday – Dance….

The Gypsy Mama has shared a wonderful idea of doing Five Minute Fridays. The rules?

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

You danced your way into my heart long before I held you in my arms. You danced A LOT when you were a bun in the oven. To the point where it caused me a little pain, but I loved to see you move. You started dancing when you were just sitting up and long before you could walk. Now you bring laughter to my life and a smile on my face when I see you “bust a move” in our living room. Or wherever you hear any music your little body starts moving along with it. I often wonder if there’s something to your dancing. Will he be a dancer one day? Will he be a musician? What will he be? Well, right now you seem to be the dancer in our family. Ok so maybe we’re all dancers. Afterall, I’d say you learned some of your crazy dance skills from your mama. Or perhaps your daddy. We both can “dance” and we often do. I’m pretty sure if we had a camera in the house 24/7 everyone would be able to see why you randomly dance. It’s because we do. We dance to make you happy, we dance just to mess around, we dance to make each other laugh. I think the best part of all when it comes to dancing is when everything is quiet and I go check on you in your room…..can you guess what I sometimes discover? Sometimes I hear you singing to yourself and dancing at the same time. Dance……it’s what brings us together 🙂

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Five Minutes Fridays……….Risk

Five Minute Friday – Risk…

The Gypsy Mama has shared a wonderful idea of doing Five Minute Fridays. The rules?

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

Risk……………I think life is a risk. I guess if I thought about every risk we really do take as people and parents I would put a bubble around our house and never leave. However, there is one risk that I can’t seem to get clarification on. Its vaccinations!! I know another mom not sure about giving her child a vaccine!!! It’s not so much that I think vaccines are horrible. In fact, my little goose has actually had a few. My concern is more about how many and how often doctors tell you that your baby needs them. Also I wonder about the risks involved for how many new vaccines constantly pop up. I mean the biggest joke is the vaccine for Chicken pox. I’m sorry but I would much rather have my child battle the dreaded chicken pox then some chemical vaccine coursing through his little body. I went through it and so many others have that I feel this vaccine is completely unnecessary.

Of course there is the other side of it all. What if he doesn’t give vaccine XYZ and then he gets really sick? What kind of mom am I? It’s these kind of struggles I continue to have with the vaccination situation. What if I do?  What if I don’t?  There seems to be a risk either way and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m risking it in the right area.

I also don’t feel it’s the governments job to force me or any other parent to vaccinate their child. I’m sorry but when did it become the governments job to tell me if I should or shouldn’t vaccinate my child? Seems to me that they have overstepped their bounds a touch.

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So today my mom was awesome enough to watch my little goose as I ran to the grocery store. It’s almost like  a mini vacation except I despise grocery shopping.Ok maybe despise is a strong word, but I don’t like going. In fact, I don’t like the entire process of going. Getting the list ready, planning the meals for the week, and then going. Anyway, this is not even what I was going to blog about. As I was shopping I noticed a few things that  I thought I’d share.

1.  Parking

I ALWAYS park in the faraway section of the parking lot. I’d like to say that I began this habit due to the fact that an extra few steps would do a body good. Essentially that’s why I do it now or part of the reason, but I began this habit simply because I sucked at parking my truck and didn’t want to damage anyones car that I parked next to. Which I have done. A story for another time. Anyway, I now park my truck in the faraway section because I do not want to drive around and around and around looking for a spot right up front. I have just decided that a few extra steps will indeed do my body some good. Plus, by the time Ms. Bobby Joe has parked her car in the very front I will have gotten some of my shopping done and be on my way. But seriously people why on earth do you spend soooooooooo much time circling the parking lot to find a parking spot when it wouldn’t kill you to park further and walk a little bit. I’m sure we are all need a little more movement these days. Which sorta kinda brings me to my next observation.

2.  Obesity

I just don’t know how else to title my 2nd point here. I’m going to disclaimer this right now. I do not think that the government should mandate, pass laws, or tell us what we should eat. It’s not the governments job to tell me if I’m eating too many Cheetos or  let’s say no longer allow anything above 16 oz. drinks to me sold.  With that being said as I was grocery shopping my eyes fell upon some very large people. And I’m not talking like overweight. I’m talking morbidly obese. There were a few here and there. The one that made me just scream (not literally) was when I saw a little girl shopping with her parents. She was pushing her morbidly obese dad in his wheelchair as he pushed a shopping cart and the morbidly obese mom was putting food in it. The kicker was what they were putting in their shopping cart.  Donuts, chips, ice cream, etc……. Obviously they weren’t obese due to healthy eating, but I just wanted to say hello!! Wake up!! This is killing you the way you’re eating!! However, it’s not my place to do so and so I won’t. Another family was shopping and the mom was obese and walking with a limp. As we’re headed toward the bread aisle she limps her way to where all the donuts are and grabs the biggest size there is. I just don’t get it!!!! I think my biggest issue is that people just don’t seem to care about what they put in their bodies. I know that people know that a bag o’ donuts isn’t good for you so it’s not the lack of knowledge. It just seems to me that no one cares anymore what they put in their bodies. I realize I’ve said that twice.

3.  Grocery Shopping

Now I know that I’ve expressed how much I’m not a fan of this particular activity, but I’m not a grump about it. At least I’m not while I’m actually shopping. 🙂  I noticed that there aren’t too many happy people out there. Or maybe they hate grocery shopping more than I do. I don’t know. It’s possible.  So because of other people’s sour moods I always try to smile at people or say hi. Some people are just not having this random nice stranger thing. I said hi to a lady today and she gave me this look like I just killed her cat. I was so determined to make people smile that I thought I’d break out in song & dance down the ice cream aisle. Not really but I thought about it. I would’ve certainly gotten some weird looks. Which brings me to my last observation

4. Do I have something in my teeth?

So as I was grocery shopping I was smiling and being polite, but I was getting looks from people. It seemed like everyone was looking at me. At first  I noticed a look from a person or 2, but then this older couple did a double take on me. Which I thought was strange so I started thinking I had something on my face or nose or somewhere. I whipped out my trusty iphone & used my camera app to see what all the stares were about. I looked and found nothing out of the ordinary. I thought for a split second that I was possibly under dressed, I was wearing a tank top, jeans, and flip flops so there is no way it could’ve been my clothes. I continued my shopping and still continued to get looks from people. I felt like I was in one of those dreams where I’m walking and suddenly realize I’m naked. Yes, it felt just like that. I never discovered what all the looks were for, but I thought I’d mention is since I’m really not sure what it was all about.

So those are my little thoughts, observations, rants for the day.