Inadequacy of being a mom

I know that we feel inadequate in all areas of life, but this particular title is significant to my life now and forever.

So today my friend came across this delightful blog and this post spoke to my heart.

This sweet little post was heaven sent. For reallzzz!! I felt the weight of the world lift when this stranger admitted  her inability to be perfect. Then I wondered why I felt such camaraderie with her.  Logically, I know that there is no perfect mom, but for some reason I don’t realize it enough.

I am thoroughly exhausted on a daily basis.  I have a daily  to do list that never seems to get done. I force myself to get ready make-up and all, most days.  I wish I was a gourmet chef.  I wish I was this super crafty, creative, Martha Stewart-like/Pioneer Woman-like woman who could do everything without skipping a beat.   I wish I were like this friend or that friend. I often wonder where some of those girls get their energy to do the things they do. They probably go to bed before midnight. Note to self: Go to bed before midnight.  I feel like I’m not being the mom I should be for my son. I get so frustrated with myself when I let him watch far too much t.v. then I think he should. I fee like although I’m home with him every day I don’t spend enough time with him.  I feel like I have to be the cook, maid, Administrative assistant, appointment setter, friend, wife, lover, teacher, spiritual leader, Accounts receivable/payable, grocery shopper, and activity coordinator, but on top of all that I’m supposed to spend quality time with God,  my husband, my son, myself, my friends, and my dog I guess.  I’m supposed to keep track of all birthdays, appointments, anniversaries, play dates, etc…… With all these things I tend, too often, it seems to get down on myself. I feel like my house is a never ending mess that I can’t seem to make look acceptable to myself mostly. The only thing I don’t do is work outside the home. Thank you hubs. I honestly don’t know how those working moms do it. I think that I would collapse.

Then I felt like throwing in the towel all together when I discovered pinterest. I was bombarded with all the wonderful ways in which I was able to decorate my house on a dime. How I could keep my toddler occupied if I owned an art supply store. How I could cook dinner in no time with all these delish recipes. All the savvy ways I can be a fashion forward mom if I only did these few simple things, and lets not forget the way I can be eco friendly and make my own organic deodorant , detergent, shampoo, and all-purpose cleaner.

Plus, as I discovered all the ways I can be ALL things I also discovered blogs. Lots and lots and lots of blogs. I would read them and then I’d feel……wait for it…….inadequate. I’d stumble across these blogs written mostly by moms. I would read all these great ideas and wonder how they had time do all of it.  On top of all their mom duties they blogged about it. Oh how the blogging BLEW. MY. MIND! I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how these moms were capable of writing a blog too. Then a few of my friends jumped on the blog train and I think I cried. I’m not sure why this would bring me to tears, but I guess it was just another thing that I thought made me inadequate at being a mom. I know weird, right? How can not blogging make me a bad mom? It was more about how these friends of mine or these random strangers could have it together enough to also write a blog!! Sadly, this put me in a tailspin of not being good enough. Not only as a mom, but just as a person.  My thought was if these women can be stay at home moms or working moms, have kids, do all these things that I do & still manage to blog about all these great ideas for how to occupy your toddler, how to decorate your home, be  a fashionista, start your own business, or whatever I thought I was failing miserably at this whole SAHM thing.

So when a random mom can blog about how she’s just as imperfect and scattered as I am. Well….it just makes the world seem right again.


2 thoughts on “Inadequacy of being a mom

  1. Emily Hammond says:

    I sympathize fully. Just this last week I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of all the house work that I do that seems never-ending. And well, frankly, will be never-ending. Take it a day at a time. Don’t beat yourself up.

    Leave the cheerios on the floor, that baby is growing too quickly.

    Anytime you want someone to commiserate with, I’m here 🙂

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