Random Thoughts

Since I’m not really inspired to write something thought-provoking or witty I thought maybe I’ll just write my random thoughts for the day. This should be interesting.

1. I hate baseboards or floorboards or whatever kinda board you wanna to call it. They are EVIL!!!! I’ll tell you why. Because they must be cleaned. Because when they aren’t clean someone inevitably zone in on them and think you don’t clean your house.   Or maybe that’s just me.

These are not my baseboards. Thank you Jesus! If they were they would put me on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Do you see the nooks and crannies in that thing? NEVER!

2.  I love my dog, but I have decided I wouldn’t mind shaving her bald. Cause guess what……I hate her FUR! It’s everywhere even on those pesky baseboards/floorboards/moldings, etc….

3.  I love Borax!

This stuff is A. MAZ. ING!!

4. I like black bean burgers. Hey when you’re low on funds and food and you have a couple cans of black beans turns out you can make burgers with those little things. Even a toddler will eat it if you slap some cheese on top.

My burgers looked nothing like this, but one day with enough food in the house they just might

5. I’m sorta addicted to celebrity gossip. Ok addicted is a strong word to use here. I would say I’m very interested in the lives of the rich and famous to the point of grabbing my lap top, vegging on the couch, and going through every story about any and all celebrities until I can no longer keep my eyes open. For the record I do this once a week.

6. Speaking of celebrities…….what did Katy Perry see in this guy? Really? I mean what the….

I don’t get it. Looks like he doesn’t either

7. I really do think my little goose is the cutest kid ever! I look at him and I’m like, “Ya, freakin’ cuter then all children everywhere”.


8.  I wanna be like my friend Rachael a.k.a Frugal Faye.   I say this to my hubs often. I also want to be like The Pioneer Woman. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before.

Seems I’m all outa thoughts right now. I am exhausted. Dinner must be made. I wish that The Pioneer Woman would materialize in my kitchen and cook us up some delish food. I know that won’t happen.  Those black bean burgers are looking mighty appetizing right about now. Considering I won’t have to do much to cook them.

This has been Random Thoughts  by me!


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