Bon Appetit

This is what called to me

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve let my fingers do the talkin’, but I’ve just been so uninspired to write anything. Until yesterday when I was standing in the checkout line of my 3rd grocery store of the day. I always look at the magazines in line. I mean that’s how I catch up on the latest Kardashian train wreck, see what I should be wearing this spring, how my body should really look if only I could carry around a a life size computer/monitor in front of me and have it photoshop me every time a new flaw made its presence known, and all the ways I can cook food. Then I heard the angels break out in song and this particular magazine called out to me in a sweet sing songy voice. I turned around to see the April issue of Bon Appetit. Yes, it was love at first sight. Although I really tried to talk myself out of buying the magazine as I have a pile of magazines at home that I have little time to enjoy. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of buying it and very possibly trying out the recipes.

So I bought it and brought it home. I sat down and practically smelled the cover of it. What I mean is I could practically smell the fresh baked sticky bun on it’s cover although I do enjoy a good sniff of magazine pages. Don’t judge. You know you do it too. This wondrous magazine made me want to get back in my kitchen and cook. I became inspired and even tried out a new recipe last night for dinner. The dinner was so-so but I enjoyed it more because I tried something new. This also reminded me of how I do actually enjoy cooking and baking. Can you believe it??!!? A 21st century woman enjoying cooking you say. I enjoyed it when it was the 20th century too. In fact, that’s where my love of cooking began.

A long long time ago in the 20th century a young girl (me) opened the pantry to discover an abundance of Rice-A Roni which she loved immensely. As she was making this delectable rice from a box she thought to herself, “Why can’t I just make this from scratch”? And so began her journey and devotion to making only  things from scratch. She was bound and determined to make food like her elders did in the beginning of the 20th century and way way back in the 19th century, but with the modern conveniences of electricity of course.

I’m pretty sure that was my light bulb moment. It was more like why aren’t there more people making food from scratch rather than a box?  Or more accurately why aren’t there any women who like to cook anymore? Or who cook at all? I stood there in the kitchen thinking about all the women I knew that never actually cooked and it surprised me. This is where I was introduced to Martha Stewart. Well, not up close and personal, but I subscribed to her magazine and that is when I practically tried everything she cooked. Sort of. I have to say that she has some very complicated things, but at that point in my life I had this determination to prove to the world that cooking wasn’t hard and it was enjoyable. There’s a story coming…..

This 20th century girl had stumbled upon this Homemaker extrodinaire. They called her Martha Stewart. She was amazing. She had all these tips and tricks to do just about everything and amazing delicious things to cook. Thanksgiving was just around the corner and this 20th century girl had received  her first Martha Stewart Living magazine and saw a dessert that she just HAD to make.   Mini bundt cake pumpkins covered in marzipan in order to make it actually look like a pumpkin!! It wasn’t enough to just purchase pre-made marzipan and dye it orange I HAD to go and MAKE the marzipan. On Thanksgiving Eve I set out to make these mini pumpkin cakes. I began the process in the early evening thinking that would be sufficient time to make them and decorate them. When 2:00 a.m. rolled around and I had finally pulled them out of the oven I was second guessing my mission to make all things from scratch.   I was so exhausted and I hadn’t even gotten to the decoration portion of these amazing pumpkins, but I was determined to be a Martha Stewart in training and refused to throw in the towel. I decided that sleep would help me in my decorating process the next day. This modern day 20th Century Martha Stewart in training got up early the next day to make marzipan, dye it, and decorate all of those “pumpkins”. They were BEAUTIFUL!! The most amazing things I have ever made. I took them over to my uncle’s beaming with pride and waiting in anticipation for everyone to dig in and proclaim that I am indeed the next Martha Stewart. When day turned into night and NO ONE had even glanced in the direction of my amazing bundt cake pumpkins I was ready to cry. I managed to get a few people to share one, but that was all that was touched that infamous Thanksgiving Day. Those seven other cakes were picked at throughout the week by me and then tossed in the garbage. I was sad, devastated, and shocked. However, that didn’t stop this Martha Stewart in training it just fueled my fire. So cooking was something I came to very much enjoy.

Fast forward to the 21st century and I am now a full time wife and mommy. My daily duties include but are not limited to figuring out what’s for dinner 7 nights a week. So you can imagine that this once enthusiastic maker of all things from scratch is now in a rut and isn’t chomping at the bit to get in the kitchen. However, I am still very much the same girl that would rather make it from scratch than make it out of a box.

My newest person in training I want to be is The Pioneer Woman. I have her first cookbook and it has inspired many a delicious dinner. The sad thing is I have it seems one of the pickiest husbands around and even The Pioneer Woman has succumbed to his picky moments. So I have been burnt out and needed a little pick me up. When my eyes landed on the April issue of Bon Appetit I heard the kitchen calling and I am once again ready to discover new and delicious food and make it entirely from scratch.


This 21st Century Pioneer Woman in training


One thought on “Bon Appetit

  1. Katie says:

    Cute post. I love making things from scratch too. This last thanksgiving I wanted to make a bread pudding with all the sauces creams and custard and pumpkin bread to be in it from scratch. It took forever!  I was so proud and I was the only one that ate it! My hubby is super picky too. His grandma was a wonderful cook. She actually had one of her recipes published in Bon appetite before she died. Very proud moment for her and us 🙂

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