I. Am. 32.

I always thought it was ridiculous when a woman was offended or shocked when asked her age.  The etiquette is never ask a woman her age or weight. I’m ok with the never asking about weight though. The age question sort of boggled my mind.  If someone asks you how old you are you just say it. Of course the correct response when told a woman’s age is, “Why, Bobbie Joe, you don’t look a day over 21”. I think at some point in my childhood I wanted to name my future daughter this. That has since passed.

However, I believe I may understand the rule of etiquette regarding the age old question about age. At least my perspective is that I myself am shocked that I.  AM.  32.  So when someone asks me how old I am I do in fact pause before saying my age. If I say it then somehow it makes it more real that I have hit my 30’s and I’m steadily climbing the chart. Which would make me closer to 40!!  So maybe it’s not that it’s rude to ask a woman’s age as it is rude to make us remember what age we are.

I’m completely shocked that I am 32! When did this happen!?! When did I get here? When did gray hair start appearing on my head regularly? REALY!!?!?! For the record I had my very first gray hair at 17 and I related that to stress, but can I blame stress on my current gray hair situation? Yes and no. Yes because I’ve become a mother since that first infamous gray hair so that pretty much should sum it up, but no because I am getting older and gray hair is a part of that aging process. Which I might add is cruel.  It’s cruel cause I. AM. ONLY. 32.   I think gray hair should start debuting around  let’s say 55 when AARP considers you a senior. At that point in life I think you should flaunt that crown of glory. Hello! And when did 55 become senior age? That is just ridiculous!!

Whew! Anyway, I’ve managed to make myself sound like I have a crown of glory instead of the perhaps 10ish gray hairs I get from time to time. Yes I do count them and yes those suckers are plucked as soon as I can get to them. Sorry I’m far too young to be flaunting any color other than the one I paid for.

With age comes gray hairs and wrinkles and a myriad of other things I’m not ready to experience. However, with age comes wisdom. For some. Not all. I’m sure we all could name a few who have yet to receive any wisdom.  I’d like to think I’ve gained some wisdom with my age.  For Example, being skinny won’t solve all your problems. Didn’t everyone think that? You didn’t? Hmm….well I did when I was in the I MUST BE SUPER MODEL SKINNY THEN EVERYTHING IN LIFE WILL FALL INTO PLACE phase of my life. Not a good phase.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. My wise old age has opened my eyes to my body image. I am so much more comfortable with my body then I used to be. All those women I wanted to be as skinny as, well, let’s just say I’d like to invite them over for a good home cooked meal with high fat quantities.

Would I want to be in that stage of my life again? No. Never. If I could be my wise self back in the body of my 16 year old self than yes. That way I would know who not to bother with, who to spend my time with, what things are really more important, and perhaps realize that there is a much bigger world out there then the one I created for myself. So I would nix the gray hairs and the wrinkles that are showing, but I am grateful for the wisdom my “old” age has awarded me.

I did learn one very imortant thing it’s this :   Don’t compromise who you are in order to gain anything or anyone. Once you’ve compromised you’ve already lost.

Mark 8:36 “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”


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