Overcast in Mommyland

Today I just don’t have the umph to be super mom! Just when I think I’ve hit my stride in mommyland a day like today just up and surprises me. It could possibly be this awful weather. Ok so it’s not technically awful. The weather has been worse in the past few days, but to me it’s sheer torture and it’s only overcast. I lived in the Portland area for 7ish years. Ok actually like 6ish years, but I’m rounding up. I am a CA girl who thought she liked rain and thought she could handle the Oregon weather. Boy was I W-R-O-N-G!!!

Things I’ve learned since I lived in Portland. 1) I don’t like rain 2) I’m not a fan of overcast either  3) Umbrella’s are for sissy’s 4) There is no such thing as an outdoor activity in the rain. Now if I were a true Oregonian (which I am NOT) rain hinders no one in that state. Because let’s face it if it did no one would leave their homes. EVER! So being back home in sunny CA makes my heart rejoice! Can you hear the angels singing Hallelujah!?!!??!! It seems that CA has experienced a very dry winter. Can you imagine how I’m feeling about that? Hmm….I’m loving it! I know that we need the rain, but I feel like God has heard my cries of protest  and kept the rain away for little ol’ me. That is of course until this last week or so and I’ve been in a funky limbo. Sounds like an awful dance, but what I mean is it’s just made me feel kinda blah. Then there’s sun breaks in between the rain and overcast weather and that’s when we make a break for it. We’ve taken walks here and there. I’m sure my little man thinks I’ve lost it since I won’t even step outside in the overcast weather. Blah! Anyway, I’m pretty much useless today or this morning. I’m trying really hard to provide fun activities or “school” for my little man, but………..

Please come back sun!! Please!! I was without you for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long that when you go away for just a short time I can’t seem to live without you!!! I miss you so much! I can see you battling it out with the clouds right this second. I’m cheering for you to win!! You can do it! I believe in you!


Overcast in Mommyland


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