I’m a Plumber too – Part 2

I’m baaacckkk! I’ve actually figured out how to upload pictures! I will show you  that I am in fact a plumber. Plus an extremely bad super model. Or a bad model. There is certainly nothing super about my modeling skills and I’m not sure skills is the word I would use for what I’m doing in some of these pictures. Years of watching ANTM (American’s Next Top Model) has led me to believe that I am in fact an undiscovered talent hiding in a domestic haven. If I’ve  learned one thing through ANTM it’s that you don’t let the pain or discomfort show in your face while modeling. You be the judge, but don’t judge too harshly I’ve been known to cry a time or two.

This is where the magic happened.

Gross Broccoli water


The pipes I took apart

So while I was fixing the clog in our sink I realized that this uneventful event could be my very first blog post. So that’s when I decided to snap a few shots. But of course the post wouldn’t be complete without pictures of me in the “Kitchen Sink Clog of 2012″.

This is where I tried to channel my inner Tyra Banks and look fierce, but as you can see it's not working out for me.

There are more pictures of me posing in front of the nasty broccoli water, but after viewing them a gazillion times I’ve decided that even I’m not comfortable enough to let everyone see what a hot mess I can truly be.
So what have I learned from this whole experience you may ask……
1.  NEVER put a bowl full of broccoli down the disposal
2. When in doubt….YouTube it!
3. The obvious. How to take the pipes apart in order to unclog the sink.
4.  America’s Next Top Model I am not!
5.  To put on makeup and be picture ready at all times.

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