I’m a plumber too.

……but sort of a blogger! That’s right this is my VERY. FIRST POST! Or is it blog? Whatever I’m a newbie.

I’m proud of myself! I even have pictures to prove it. I just need to figure out how to put them on my blog, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves or myself.

I am a stay-at-home-mom or SAHM. Yay me! Alas, I am not a home owner but a renter. As is my husband since we do live together. I put my sweet little 17 month old down for his nap. I sat down on the couch and began to crochet. I have a slight addiction to crocheting lately. Then as always I realize that I REALLY REALLY need to get those carpet stains out of the carpet. I begrudgingly walk to the kitchen to get my homemade cleaner and some hot water. I turn on the sink and see that it’s filling up with water and not draining. I decide to flick on the garbage disposal and this does nothing. I then swing my faucet over to the other side of the sink to see if it fills up with water. Surprise! It does. ;

I don’t know what to do. I DO NOT want to call the property management again. This would be the 3rd time within a few months that I’ve alerted them to something not working. This would also be the 3rd time they would tell me the owners would only pay $150 and then the rest is our responsibility. Not wanting to have to deal with that I picked up the phone and called the hubs. Now my man rocks at all things techie and electrical (possibly the same thing), but I’m not so sure he’s exactly what you’d call…..a plumber. I only say this because in our almost 6 years of marriage I have yet to experience what could be a hidden talent of his. So anyway, back to calling my hubs.

Me: Hey babe. Did you get my text?

Hubs: Yes, but I’m busy at work. What do you think is wrong with it?

Me: Well, I googled it so I think it’s just a clog. Thought I might take a crack at taking the sink apart.

Hubs: Do you think it’s the coconut grease I poured down the sink last night? (Which by the way melts with really hot water)

Me: ( This is the part where I don’t mention that I just disposed of a bowl of cooked broccoli from last night)I don’t know. Could be.

Hubs: Ok do this: Take the screen off the kitchen window and then turn on the wa-

Me: Huh? Why am I taking the screen of the kitchen window?

Hubs: I want you to heat up the water and maybe it’ll melt the grease from last night. So take the kitchen screen off the windon & stick the faucet out the window so it warms up. When it’s really hot put it right in the drain so it gets to the grease.

Me: Umm….ok.

Don’t ask me why I actually did this but I did. I have no knowledge of anything plumbery or whatever. To my surprise this didn’t work. Not really. Knowing that is must be the broccoli and not so much the grease I did what any good SAHM does. I youtubed it! Thank you Youtube!! This amazingly short video showed me exactly what to do and so I tackled the project head on! I should magically have the link here so that everyone can see it, but I’m new to this blog world and haven’t figured that part out yet.

So off to the kitchen I go. I take all my cleaning products out from under the sink or most of them. Grabbed a large bowl to catch the water in and got to work on unscrewing the “J” pipe. In the youtube video I watched it shows that there would most likely be a clog in the U shaped part of the “J” pipe and then all the water would pour into the bucket. So I was excited to see it all work out. Well, I did that and I did have some stuff come out, but the sink still had standing water in it. It wasn’t pouring out like the video said!! I have a few seconds of panic. I DID NOT want to call the property management like I mentioned before. So I sat there on the kitchen floor thinking………I guess I could take the rest of the pipes apart and see what happens. I removed another pipe and more water came out, but not enough to completely empty the sink. I stuck my fingers up there and felt a very clogged pipe and yes it was the broccoli. I loosened the gross broccoli and a rain of water and broccoli came shooting out. Yes!! Success!! I leaned back and gazed upon the pipes I took apart, the large bowl full of disgusting dirty water and floating broccoli, and was very proud that I had done that.

What I really wanted to do was run in to the streets screaming at the top of my lungs that I had fixed my kitchen sink. I wanted to grab perfect strangers and drag them into my house to show them my awesome accomplishment and say. “Ya, that just happened”! But I didn’t do that. Instead I texted my hubs a picture of it that said, ” I’ll send you the bill later” and then one to my mom that said, “I’m a plumber too”. That was the extent of my celebration. Except of course to use this momentous occasion as my very first blog.


7 thoughts on “I’m a plumber too.

  1. Linda says:

    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! LOL! Good job! And great blog!

    Oh and I saw the comment about carpet stains. My housekeeper says to get some salt and water and rub it on the stain, let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse it out. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

    And, hey! I wanted to choose my own “quilt square” to go next to my comment! LOL!! 🙂

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